We have helped to build a barrier wall at St Montfort College for the visually impaired, to protect albino students who are at a high risk of abduction and murder.

In some African countries the albino community is under great threat, as they are killed for their body parts which are used in rituals. One of the effects of albinism is  visual dysfunction, which can be severe and therefore make people more vulnerable to attack.

We help the albino community in Malawi by giving them the means to provide for themselves, as well as by providing protection and educating the community about albinism.

While at St Monfort College in 2016, it became clear that students with albinism were at high risk of kidnapping and did not feel safe while learning. After discussion with the students and teachers about how to address these concerns, we decided to build a brick wall around the college to provide a safer envirionment for education.

After planning and fundraising, construction began in March 2018, with the help of local tradespeople and builders. The wall is now completed and was officially opened by Canon Roy Doxsley in November 2019. Thanks to all who have contributed!