Andrew and Sally head off to Malawi

Andrew and Sally Feyi-Waboso have safely arrived in Malawi, bringing suitcases full of donated supplies with them! This includes surgical equipment and implants for glaucoma and cataract operations, which we hope to be performing in Mulanje next year. There is currently a fuel crisis in Malawi, so they have not yet been able to deliver the equipment to Mulanje Mission Hospital, but they are planning to make the trip next week and meet up with Dr Arie Glas to discuss the ongoing plans for the eye clinic.

It is not only surgical instruments that have filled Sally and Andrew’s excess baggage, but also musical ones! Staff for the Royal Gwent Hospital kindly donated musical instrument sets, containing harmonicas, maracas, bells, tambourines and much more for the blind students at St Montfort School. The children are keen and excellent singers, so I have no doubt that these will be very gratefully received.

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