We are selling handmade masks to fund the provision of PPE and sanitiser for our visually impaired learners in Malawi.

The masks are washable, made from 3 layers of cotton and have a wired nasal bridge to reduce glasses fogging.

We are also selling pouches to keep your mask clean when it is in your pocket or bag between uses. We also now have some new festive designs!

Mask – Single

£5.99 including P&P

Mask & Pouch
£8.99 including P&P

Mask – 3 pack
£15.99 including P&P

Masks & Pouches – 3 pack
£24.99 including P&P

Pouch only
£3.99 including P&P

We have already donated £700 of equipment to St Montfort School from the money raised from masks sales.

"I, on behalf of the students, would like to thank the entire team of Sight 2020 Direct for your quick response to the needs of our school during this time of COVID-19 pandemic". Mr Kaleso, Head Teacher at St Montfort School

After completing your purchase please wait to be directed back to the website so that we can make sure we have the correct shipping address.