Joseph Muyaya missing, assumed murdered.

Yesterday we received the devastating news from one of the teachers at Nazombe School that Joseph Muyaya has been missing since May and is thought to have been murdered for his body parts.

Joseph, who has albinism, took part in blind football sessions and is pictured below with his teammates. Six people are in custody in connection with his disappearance, including members of his family.

In Malawi and other countires in south east Africa, people with albinism are hunted, murdered and dismembered due to the belief that their body parts have magical properties. They are used in rituals and to make medicines which are meant to bestow fortune or powers on to others.

Attacks on people with albinism have increased in Malawi in recent years. Amnesty International have been campaigning and gathering data about the scale of the problem. There have been reports in national media, such as the BBC and CNN. We have built a security wall at St Montfort’s School to try and keep the children safe while they are learning. But despite these efforts abductions and killings continue.

The charity is holding an emergency meeting on Monday 24th August to discuss what more we can do to try and tackle this issue.

Our thoughts at this time are with Joseph and those who knew and loved him.

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