Masks for Malawi

Sight 2020 Direct have donated some vital supplies to St Montfort School to help keep the visually impaired learners safe during the Covid pandemic.

Mr Kaleso, the head teacher of St Montfort Special Needs Education School in Nguludi, joined us for our virtual committee meeting at the start of September. We were keen to hear how the school was coping during the pandemic and to find out if there was any assistance we could provide. Mr Kaleso explained that they needed materials to protect them from Covid, such as hand sanitizer and masks, but that they were also struggling to provide meals for the students. Food would normally be funded by parental donations, but these have been reduced due the pandemic and a local drought.

Our trustee Jackie Sanders has raised over £1000 from mask sales (buy one here!) over the last few months, having spent hours toiling away over her sewing machine and then selling the products of her labour not only locally but also through a distributor in Norway! It seemed very appropriate that this money should be used to help visually impaired people in Malawi deal with the effects of the pandemic.

We have funded the purchase of reusable face masks for the visual impaired students, as well as hand sanitiser and equipment for hand washing. We are also helping to provide maize and beans for the next 3 months, in order to give the school some extra support during these exceptional circumstances.

The Sight 2020 team would like to thank everyone who has purchased a mask so far and also to express our admiration for and gratitude to Jackie for her tireless mask production!

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