Sight 2020 Direct is committed to operating in a transparent manner, so that we can be fully accountable to our donors, supporters and beneficiaries. Our policies below outline our strategy, core values and decision making processes.

Our ethical charter contains our equality policy and sets out the way in which our members and trustees work with each other and with our beneficiaries to ensure that what we are doing is valuable, efficient and effective.

Our safeguarding policy sets out the commitments which have been made by Sight 2020 Direct, our members and our trustees, in order to protect the wellbeing of both the people we work with and each other.

Our health and safety policy describes the steps that Sight 2020 Direct takes to reduce the risk of injury or illness occuring while carrying out its work.

Our code of conduct sets out the behaviour expected of all staff, volunteers, project partners, trustees, grantees and contractors when working overseas.