Stand Construction at St Montfort

At the end of last year we received some great news from Mr Kaleso at St Montfort, about a project that he had completed with the support of the local community.

"Let me tell you one success story about St Montfort School. Through your Charity work we have learnt a lot. One of it is mindset change. You have built us a magnificent wall, you painted a classroom just to mention but a few. These are very big lessons to our community. We have mobilised the community to take part in the construction of stands project. The ground between our classroom blocks was eroded with rains and winds to the extent that underground electrical wires were exposed on to the surface posing danger to learners. This is the reason why we decided to maintain the school ground by starting to construct the stands that would assist to control soil erosion and the place would also be used for assemblies or meetings. This is a self help project. At first it was difficult to convince the community but with your advice of mind set change and the good work you render us the parents would like to join hands with you to develop the school"

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  1. Gerald Essex Reply

    An interesting letter. Good to know how your advice and support encourages local initiatives. You must be very pleased!

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