First ever cataract operations performed at MMH

Over the last three days, the first ever cataract operations at Mulanje Mission Hospital have taken place. This is the culmination of two years of hard work by the team at MMH, who have built a new eye clinic from scratch.

In preparation for this, staff from Mulanje visited Zomba Central Hospital last month and received training from the eye team there, assisting and taking part in operations. This week, the staff from Zomba came to MMH, to ensure that the first operations ran smoothly and to pass on more advice and expertise.

On Monday prospective patients were screened and assessed, with the operations themselves starting on Tuesday. In total 19 cataract operations were performed using a twin theatre set up, with two surgeons operating side by side. We have raised money to fund 200 cataract procedures at the hosptial, with the operations continuing over the next few months.

Andrew Feyi-Waboso has been involved with the project throughout and was delighted to have a chance to be one of the first eye surgeons to operate in MMH. “It is a dream come true. It feels good to be part of a great idea – we can all make a proactive stand against avoidable cataract blindness in the world”.

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  1. Ann Ablett Reply

    Congratulations Andrew and your Team, such hard work over the years finally realised, though there never was a doubt…
    What a privilege to change the lives of your Patients and their families for generations to come….
    Well done to all, especially you Andrew and Sally

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